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Litigation Support, Expert on Consumer & Commercial Banking Issues

My name is Jim Lynn and I am the Principal of The Lynn Group, Inc. I am a qualified expert on consumer and commercial banking issues. I am committed to providing competent and comprehensive litigation support to attorneys and their clients on any consumer or commercial banking matter.

My approach to any case is always the same, which is to conduct a thorough, comprehensive, diligent, and unbiased search for the truth. I draw opinions, judgments, and conclusions from verifiable facts – and only from verifiable facts. Attorneys and clients with whom I have worked know that they can count on me to explain, substantiate, support, and defend a meritorious position in an action or claim. On the other hand, if I find that an action or claim is without merit, I will never hesitate to assert the same as well as the basis for my findings, opinions, judgments, and conclusions.

I am usually asked to review the legal file for a case and write an expert report detailing my findings, opinions, judgments, and conclusions as well as the basis for the same. My experience has been that my expert report has often facilitated a rapid resolution to the case. For example, there was one instance where I received a file on a mortgage fraud case in which the mortgage lender was the defendant. I had only five days to prepare an expert report. Three days after I submitted my expert report, a settlement was reached in the case.

I have also had extensive experience in testifying at deposition and at trial. Some of my deposition experiences could be characterized as contentious, but I have always been able to defend my findings, opinions, judgments, and conclusions in any given case. The cases have been filed in the federal court system as well as in various state courts. The cases have originated in jurisdictions in approximately 20 states.

I have worked on several residential real estate cases that were characterized by identity theft, appraisal fraud, and fraudulent loan applications and have involved schemes that often included the mortgage loan broker, the appraiser, the settlement agent, and even the loan applicant. I also have experience with cases that involved the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Truth In Lending Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. In addition, I have worked on several cases that have involved complicated commercial transactions.

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